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Latest news

Residents at Bromley learn more about upcoming Redevelopment Scheme
February 2022

Residents at Calverley Close, Bromley, were invited to an engagement event to discuss updates on the upcoming redevelopment of their homes.

Following a meeting with the Bromley planning team at the end of last year, the project team at Riverside reviewed their feedback, along with the feedback taken from residents, and the wider community from a recent public consultation.

As a result of this, the architects, HTA, updated the scheme and plans, which were then shared with residents at the event.

Next Steps
Riverside will invite the residents of Calverley Close on a site visit to view a similar redevelopment project. They will then have the opportunity to view the final plans before a planning application is submitted to the London Borough of Bromley this summer.

Residents vote ‘Yes’ in ballot to rebuild their estate
11 August 2021

Following detailed consultation and engagement, residents at Calverley Close voted in favour of plans to redevelop their estate.

Residents were balloted in July over an ambitious nine year redevelopment proposal to transform their estate by Riverside, in a joint-venture partnership with Countryside, the UK’s leading mixed-tenure developer.
The plan will address long standing issues around overcrowding and poor access for some residents through the reprovision of modern, more spacious, energy-efficient housing.

The vote, confirmed last week by the independent Civica Electoral Service, found 60% of tenants who voted were in favour of the proposals, based on an 80% turnout. A total of 151 people were eligible to vote.

Riverside Group Chief Executive, Carol Matthews, said:

“We are very pleased that a majority of voters endorsed our proposals to provide new homes on the estate. This decision means we will be able to provide overcrowded families with new homes that meet their needs, improve tenants’ living conditions, whilst at the same time keeping the existing community together.

“The result is a culmination of working with our residents to develop proposals that will benefit everyone on the estate. We will continue to work with and listen to our tenants, and the wider community as the proposals move forward. We have made a commitment to ensuring that Riverside tenants remain central to our decision-making as we shape the details of our planning application to the London Borough of Bromley this winter.”

Riverside will be submitting a planning application to the London Borough of Bromley by the end of the year, following a full community consultation. The project will also be supported by the Greater London Authority (GLA) who will partly fund the construction of social rented homes on the estate.

The proposals include a guarantee that all tenants will be offered a new home on the estate to meet their housing needs. Around 350 homes for both rent and sale are planned on the estate along with investment in new community facilities including improved green spaces and a play area for children.

Tenants shown proposed designs for the redevelopment of their estate
29 April 2021

Residents living on Calverley Close were invited to an online consultation event last night where they were presented with the latest proposed plans for the redevelopment of their estate.

The residents got an opportunity to see the latest designs through a video presentation and were then able to take part in a live Q&A with the project team.

A booklet showing the proposed plans and updates was also delivered to every home, with details brought to life in a short video below.

The event comes following the news that residents will be asked to vote ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in a ballot to determine if Riverside, and partners HTA and Countryside, will go ahead with the redevelopment.

As lockdown in the UK continues to ease, the project team hope to meet again in a socially distanced consultation event to continue the discussions with tenants at Calverley Close.

Property guardians move into empty homes on the estate
14 August 2020

Riverside is in the process of bringing empty properties on the estate back into use by moving in property guardians. The guardians will occupy the homes on a temporary basis until a decision is made on the future of Calverley Close. The plan has been put in place to safeguard the properties and give tenants living on the estate a greater sense of security.

Riverside has appointed property guardian company, Lowe, to recruit and manage the guardians. Lowe has already carried out some remedial work to many of the vacant homes to make them ready for occupation, and a number of guardians have now moved in.

Guardians are working people (often key workers) priced out of the rental market and looking for affordable housing. To live in a Riverside property, a guardian pays a monthly licence fee which is lower than the average market rent for properties in the area.

Instead of having a tenancy agreement, guardians sign a licence agreement which sets out the rules and regulations they have to follow. The licence is a temporary arrangement, with each party having the right to cancel the agreement by giving four weeks’ notice.

Riverside has also promoted the guardian scheme to adult children of tenants on the estate. As a result, adult children from two families are now living in their own homes on the estate as property guardians.

Tenants invited to have their say on options for the future of the estate
14 April 2020

Over the last six months Riverside has been re-engaging with tenants on plans to improve the Calverley Close estate. Through meetings and estate visits, feedback from tenants has revealed mixed views on how far they want us to go in redeveloping the estate.

In answer to this feedback, we decided to explore the different options available for improving the estate. Savills, working with Levitt Bernstein Architects, have been commissioned to explore the following opportunities for the future of the estate:

  • Do minimum – which would leave the estate as it is (with the exception of Warner House) and ensure that buildings were kept safe and compliant with regulations.
  • Functional upgrade – which would be an improvement on the ‘do minimum option’ as we would invest in a number of improvements to homes and the estate in general.
  • Partial development – which would leave part of the estate intact but would demolish other blocks and replace them with new build homes.
  • Full redevelopment – which would demolish and rebuild all the existing buildings on the estate, together with additional new homes.

Each of these options have been presented in a high level summary in a booklet to the Calverley close tenants and we are asking for feedback from the tenants via an online survey at:

The earlier we get feedback the better to help inform the development of the options. We have asked tenants to try their best to get all responses in by Friday 24th April.

Tenants can also give their feedback over the phone by calling their Resident Liaison Officer, Mandy Rana on 07929 368 603, or email [email protected] to book an appointment with a member of the team.

Moving forward with tenant consultation
24 June 2019

In May 2019 we asked Tpas, an independent body which advises social landlords on effective tenant engagement, to review our tenant engagement on the estate so far. Tpas visited residents at Calverley Close to ask for their thoughts and opinions about the redevelopment proposals.

Following this review, Riverside is working in line with Tpas recommendations to begin re-engaging with tenants, move forward and build effective relationships.

The recommendations include the following:

  • Being clear and transparent about why we can’t maintain the current estate and why we wish to redevelop it.
  • Explaining to tenants the purpose of consulting (i.e. this is not a done deal).
  • Reassuring tenants that repairs to homes will continue whilst development is underway.
  • Appointing a new Independent Tenants Advisor (ITA).
  • Setting out clear timelines on future engagement/consultation and to give feedback.
  • Making sure information on our website and social media channels is up to date.
  • Holding group events on different dates and at different times.
  • Focusing on making contact by letter and one-to-one visits because that is what tenants prefer.
  • Sharing this independent review report with tenants.

Riverside has appointed an Independent Tenant Advisor, called Source Partnership, to support tenants and provide independent advice. In July, Source will be door knocking at Calverley Close to talk to residents individually.

More information about Source Partnership can be found at

Riverside is committed to making sure that everyone has an opportunity to get involved in the consultation process – to have their say on what the new estate could look like and, ultimately, to decide whether the plans should go ahead.

Please direct any questions or concerns to: [email protected]