Lambeth estate: Revitalising your neighbourhood

Find the latest information on the redevelopment of Riverside’s Lambeth estate, which is made up of Geoffrey Close, York Close and Canterbury Close.

In this section, you’ll find the latest information on the redevelopment of Riverside’s Lambeth estate, which is made up of Geoffrey Close, York Close and Canterbury Close.

Latest news

Enabling Works begin at the Lambeth Estate Ball Court
March 2022

Riverside’s construction partners, Bellway, have begun enabling works on Geoffrey Close, York Close and Canterbury Close.

Work began on the ball court between 50 and 84 Geoffrey Close, on Monday 7 March 2022.

This enabling work will involve:

  • Closure of the ball court
  • Putting up screening around the ball court
  • Installing a construction cabin
  • Putting up signage
  • Installing drainage to facilitate the main site works

What about parking?
Vehicle and pedestrian access, and parking, will not be affected until the main construction works starts in the summer.

What’s next?
Between now and Summer 2022 Bellway will begin initial non-disruptive work, which includes ground investigation and drainage works.

Lambeth tenants ‘Meet the Builder’, as construction work gears up to begin in the New Year
11 January 2022

Tenants at York Close, Geoffrey Close and Canterbury Close attended an event last week to meet with Bellway and discuss Phase 1 of construction on their estate, and how it will impact them.

Phase 1 construction is due to begin early next year and will see parts of the estate hoarded off and the ball court closed. From May 2022, all vehicular access and parking will also be suspended on the site.

At the event, tenants had the opportunity to meet with the project team, including our joint venture partners, Bellway, who talked through the construction plan for Phase 1 of the redevelopment at Lambeth estate.

This included a timeline and details of where holes will be dug, where hoarding will be put up and where access will be reduced.
Tenants were also able to put their questions and concerns forward in a Q&A session.

Next steps

Screening will be put up around the ball court area early next year as we prepare for some initial, non-disruptive work, such as; ground investigation and drainage works.

Riverside and Bellway will also work through the detailed design of the new homes with architects and planners and begin appointing subcontractors and arranging material deliveries.

Riverside will continue to engage with tenants throughout the New Year as building work gears up. For more information on the construction plan please click here.

This is an exciting time as Riverside and Bellway take a significant step towards building a new estate that will enhance the quality of life for existing tenants and future generations.

Councillors approve plans for Lambeth regeneration site
9 September 2021

Plans for a 441-home development in Lambeth have been approved by councillors, subject to a planning agreement being finalised.

Bellway London Partnerships and The Riverside Group are to deliver the one, two, three and four-bedroom homes at the development at Geoffrey Close Estate, off Flaxman Road.

The joint venture, which was given the green light by unanimous approval by members of Lambeth Council’s planning committee on Tuesday (31 August), will include the provision of 135 homes for social rent, a further 62 affordable homes for London Living Rent or shared ownership, and 244 private homes.

The regeneration scheme includes the demolition of existing buildings at Geoffrey Close, York Close and Canterbury Close and the construction of six new buildings at the site, ranging in height from five to 13 storeys.

Members of Lambeth Council commented that it was an excellent scheme put forward by Riverside and Bellway, welcoming more affordable housing for Lambeth and praising consultation on the scheme including the positive ballot result supporting the regeneration plans for the area. Read more here.

An update on the Lambeth estate redevelopment
Spring 2021

Following our last communication with the residents of Lambeth we have a number of updates to share.

As we are still unable to meet with tenants face to face we have put together a short video detailing what has been happening over the last few months in regard to the redevelopment.

In the video we discuss:

  • What we have been doing since we last met
  • GLA and Lambeth council feedback
  • An update on parking
  • Introducing your new Housing Services Manager
  • Where we are now
  • Next steps

If you have any questions regarding the updates please contact us at [email protected]

We will also arrange for hard copies of this update to be made available to those without internet access.

Planning application validated by Lambeth Council
17 November 2020

Following our last consultation with residents back in September, Riverside are delighted to announce that the planning application submitted for the proposed redevelopment of Lambeth estate has been validated by the Council.

Lambeth Council will now carry out their own consultation on the planning submission. This includes specialist departments, like Highways and utilities and they will also invite the local community to give their views.

Comment on the plans
Residents can comment with their support or concerns by emailing [email protected] or writing to them at: Planning, London Borough of Lambeth, PO Box 734, Winchester, SO23 5DG.

They will need to quote the reference number of the application, which is below, and provide their name and address. The council do not accept anonymous comments and consultation is open now, for a minimum of 21 days.


Comments will go directly to the Council, and will be published on the comments section of the planning application with personal information removed.

There is further information on what comments are considered to be relevant to planning application submissions on the Council’s website.

What is next?
After a statutory period of 13 weeks, the council will present a report to their Planning Committee, who will then agree or reject the planning proposal.

If planning permission is granted, we will start detailed design of the homes. There is a full explanation of how planning applications work on the Council’s website.

Consulting with residents
Riverside will continue to carry out consultations with residents, but in light of the current circumstances this will be done online.

This is an exciting time as we take a significant step towards building a new estate that will enhance the quality of life for existing tenants and future generations.

Lambeth development takes a big step forward as planning application is submitted
7  September 2020

Riverside, along with partners Bellway, is submitting a planning application for the redevelopment of its 135-home estate in Lambeth. It follows a ballot in December 2018 when residents at Geoffrey, York and Canterbury Close voted in favour of plans to redevelop their estate.

Since the ballot, Riverside has been working closely with tenants and other stakeholders to create a scheme that better meets the needs of those living on the estate. Through a series of tenant engagement opportunities as well as a robust communications campaign, tenants have been involved in shaping what their new estate and homes will look like.

Better homes and facilities

The multi-million pound plan submitted to Lambeth Council involves transforming the estate into a more attractive, safer neighbourhood while giving every Riverside tenant a property that is more modern, spacious, energy efficient and fully accessible. The new scheme includes a gym, community centre, landscaped outdoor spaces with play areas and seating, and bicycle storage facilities.

Plans also include the development of around 306 homes for sale. The revenue from these sales, along with grant funding from the Greater London Authority, will enable Riverside, as a not-for-profit organisation, to replace outdated housing with modern homes, and improve the quality of life for tenants.

Tenants see final plans

Tenants living on the estate got an opportunity to see the final designs being submitted to the council. A booklet showing plans and illustrations has been sent to every home, with details brought to life in a short video (below).

Click on the image below to view the film.

The planning process could take several months to complete and Riverside will be keeping tenants up to date on progress. At present, it is hoped that building work will begin in early 2021. 

Archived news

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