Pike Close: Revitalising your neighbourhood

Find the latest information about the redevelopment of Pike Close

On this page you can find the latest information on the rebuild of Pike Close estate in the London Borough of Bromley.

Latest news

Planning application for redevelopment scheme approved
March 2022

Riverside are pleased to announce that the Bromley planning committee voted in favour of the proposal to redevelop Pike Close.

This means the planning application has been approved and Riverside, along with construction partner – Countryside – will be able to proceed with the redevelopment of the estate.

Riverside are now working with Bromley council to finalise the legal agreement, which is linked to the planning permission, before work begins.

What’s next?

Riverside will be in touch over the coming weeks to invite residents to an event to meet developer partners, Countryside, and discuss the construction plan and timetable going forward.

Planning Application Submitted to Bromley Council
November 2021

Following a consultation event with residents of Pike Close, where the final plans for the redevelopment were shared, Riverside are pleased to announce that a planning application has been submitted to Bromley Council.

Alongside this application, Riverside have made a separate application to the council for the demolition and safe removal of the ground and first floor parking podium linked to Burnt Ash Heights.

Subject to the council’s approval, this will be the first construction work to be carried out as part of the redevelopment of Pike Close, and is anticipated to start in spring 2022, as part of Phase 1.

Residents see final plans

Residents living on the estate got an opportunity to see the final designs being submitted to the council. A booklet showing plans and illustrations was sent to every home. Click here to see the final plans.

Next steps

The planning process could take several months to complete and Riverside will be keeping residents up to date on progress.

As always if residents have any questions or concerns they can emails us on [email protected] or call their Resident Liaison Officer, Jade Adnett on 07980 761482.

This in an exciting time in Riverside’s redevelopment plan as we move closer towards a new and improved Pike Close estate.

An update on the proposed changes to the redevelopment of Pike Close
May 2021

In April 2021 Riverside wrote to the residents of Pike Close to share a proposal that our developer partner, Countryside Properties, had put forward to reduce the cost of the current redevelopment programme, and to shorten the construction period from between nine years to five years.

Countryside proposed a double decant (move twice) for some households on the estate. However, after speaking to residents and gathering their feedback we can confirm that the Riverside Board have granted approval to proceed with the single decant strategy at Pike Close.

We will not be proceeding with the double decant (move twice) proposal. Thank you to those who took the time to give their feedback and discuss the proposed change. Your views has been valuable in helping us to agree the way forward.

We will be in touch with residents shortly to confirm details of our next online tenant consultation event.

An update on the proposed changes to the redevelopment of Pike Close
May 2021

Residents living on Pike Close were invited to an online consultation this week where they were presented with the further, detailed plans for the redevelopment of their estate.

The residents got an opportunity to see the latest designs through a video presentation and were then able to take part in a live Q&A with the project team.

A booklet showing the proposed plans and updates was also delivered to every home, with details brought to life in a short video (coming soon).

The event gave tenants the chance to view internal layouts of the new homes and see new concepts for outdoor and play spaces.

As lockdown in the UK continues to ease, the project team hope to meet again in a socially distanced consultation event to continue the discussions with tenants at Pike Close.

Tenants shown further designs for the redevelopment of their estate
May 2021

Recently we wrote to residents of Pike Close informing them of potential changes to the redevelopment of their home.

Riverside are committed to delivering the new homes as promised, but the current environment has meant we have had to re-visit the process, and see how best this can be done. With any review we are seeking to improve the construction programme and limit cost escalation.

Countryside Properties, our developer partners, have presented alternative options which could reduce the construction programme from between nine years to five years. However, an important part of this approach is double decanting (move twice) for some households on the estate. This would be on-site, or possibly off-site subject to availability of suitable accommodation.

What does this mean?

We are considering a proposal of 2 options whereby tenants of Wells and Mede House move twice; once from their current home into a temporary home, for approx. 2 years, then a second move, from their temporary home into their new home, on the new built estate.


Riverside and Countryside are preparing to work together in a joint venture partnership to redevelop the estate.  As part of the ongoing programme review, Riverside and Countryside regularly assess the viability of the scheme to ensure that it remains financially deliverable, whilst remaining committed to the following;

  • Our tenant offer
  • The Greater London Authority (GLA) and Local Authority planning guidelines
  • The financial envelope to deliver the scheme.
  • The programme timeline

During recent discussions, Countryside highlighted a considerable increase in the financial cost to deliver the scheme we presented to you in November 2020.

This is due to new government policy and regulations regarding fire protection and health and safety measures required in residential buildings, and also about how environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings are.

On top of that, the impact of the pandemic and Brexit has also meant quotes for services and materials in the construction industry are going to be higher than originally estimated.

In light of this, Countryside have proposed a double decant option to reduce these cost increases and to bring some potential key benefits to tenants.

Why does this only apply to Mede and Wells House?

The first stage of construction will need to run along Burnt Ash Lane to be able to build the new blocks that will accommodate Burnt Ash Heights, Mede and Wells (blocks A & C), and also one block for private sale (block B).  To make way for the construction of these blocks, Mede and Wells tenants will be required to move out of their homes.

Why do Wells House remain on site and Mede House are required to move off site?

The current voids on site can accommodate households in Wells House only.

As there are no voids to accommodate Mede House, Riverside would need to seek alternative accommodation in the local area to accommodate households in this block, and this option is subject to suitable, alternative accommodation being available in the local area that meets the current need of tenants in Mede House.

What are the 2 options?

Option 1 – Double decant for Wells House only, on site, into the existing voids.

Option 2 – Double decant for Wells House on site (as above in option 1) and a double decant for Mede House, off site.

Option 1 – Double decant for Wells House only

  • A temporary move on site into the existing voids on the estate for approx. 2 years
  • The existing voids on the estate used for these transfers will be redecorated and have a new kitchen and bathroom installed.
  • Consideration will also be given for a temporary move off site
  • Temporary homes will meet their housing need
  • Riverside would cover all moving costs and issue tenants with statutory homeloss payment of £6500 when they move out of their existing home.
  • Riverside will issue tenants with a voluntary homeloss payment of £6500 when they move into their new home, on the new built estate.

Option 2 – Double decant for Mede House & Wells House

What does this mean for Wells House? Outlined in option 1 (above)

What does this mean for Mede House?

  • A temporary move off site into accommodation for approx. 2 years
  • Temporary homes would meet their housing need
  • Tenants will continue to pay Riverside their existing rent and service charge
  • Riverside would cover all moving costs and issue tenants with statutory homeloss payment of £6500 when they move out of their existing home.
  • Riverside will issue tenants with a voluntary homeloss compensation of £6,500 when they move into their new home, on the new built estate.

Potential overall tenant benefits

As the current construction programme of nine years to fully regenerate the estate will be reduced by at least four years;

  • Tenants will benefit from a reduced time living on a construction site
  • Your new homes will be ready to move into more quickly

Your feedback matters

Before any decisions are made Riverside will contact all affected residents to discuss and note their comments on both of these options.

Updated design proposal for Pike Close
13 November 2020

Last month Riverside, along with HTA and Countryside, met with the Bromley Council Planning team to discuss the updated design proposal for the redevelopment of Pike Close.

Following positive feedback from the Bromley planning team, we re-commenced engagement with tenants of Pike Close to consult on the revised proposal for their estate.

Tenants see new plans.

As always, the safety of our staff and residents remain a top priority and with the UK under a national lockdown we did not feel it appropriate to undertake face to face consultation events.

Instead, tenants living on the estate got an opportunity to see the updated designs that were submitted to the council via an online event. The sessions, which were held this week, included a video presentation and live Q&A with the project team.

A booklet showing the proposed plans and updates was also delivered to every home, with details brought to life in a short video (below).

Property guardians move into empty homes on the estate
14 August 2020

Riverside is in the process of bringing empty properties on the estate back into use by moving in property guardians. The guardians will occupy the homes on a temporary basis until redevelopment work starts. The plan has been put in place to safeguard the properties and give tenants living on the estate a greater sense of security.

Riverside has appointed property guardian company, Lowe, to recruit and manage the guardians. Lowe has already carried out some remedial work to many of the vacant homes to make them ready for occupation, and a number of guardians are scheduled to move in over the coming weeks.

Guardians are working people (often key workers) priced out of the rental market and looking for affordable housing. To live in a Riverside property, a guardian pays a monthly licence fee which is lower than the average market rent for properties in the area.

Instead of having a tenancy agreement, guardians sign a licence agreement which sets out the rules and regulations they have to follow. The licence is a temporary arrangement, with each party having the right to cancel the agreement by giving four weeks’ notice.

Riverside has also promoted the guardian scheme to adult children of tenants on the estate, with Lowe receiving a number of applications.

Residents’ Steering Group look forward to next stage
24 April 2019

The Pike Close Residents’ Steering Group met on 23 April 2019.

The meeting discussed the majority vote for the redevelopment of Pike Close.

Residents were keen to see progress on a detailed design. Source Partnership and the Steering Group will work with residents so that everyone can have a full say during the next stages.

The other main issues discussed were:

  • Residents want to discuss how the allocations process will work for new homes.
  • The need for Riverside to continue dealing with anti-social behaviour on the estate and commit to improving and maintaining services and repairs.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 25 June 2019.

Results of the residents ballot

18 April 2019

In the recent ballot on proposals to build a new Pike Close, a majority of residents said yes. 82% voted for the proposals and 18% against. Turnout was high, with a total of 77 votes cast out of a possible 86.

The ballot was run independently by Electoral Reform Services (ERS) and closed on Monday 15 April at 5pm. All residents have received notification of this result in writing from Riverside and will receive detailed results directly from ERS.

If you have any questions about the ballot result and what it will mean for you, please call 0345 111 0000 or email [email protected]