Pike Close: Revitalising your neighbourhood

Find the latest information about the redevelopment of Pike Close

On this page you can find the latest information on the rebuild of Pike Close estate in the London Borough of Bromley.

Latest news

The construction of the first new block is progressing well
November 2023

This is an exciting time for residents at Pike Close as the first new block is taking shape, with construction in full swing; the first new homes are on track to be completed by spring 2025.

What’s happening?
Following our recent resident choices event, where residents in phase one shared their preferences around kitchens and bathrooms in future homes, we have now shortlisted design options for the first new homes and residents due to move in the first block will soon be able to pick from these options what they would like to see in their new home.

We have installed a new time-lapse camera
The new device captures birds’ eye images at regular intervals over a period of time, which are then compiled into a video, giving the effect of recording an event or scene fast forward. You can stay up to date with the latest site activities by accessing the latest image captured by this device and the compiled video via this link.

In the coming months, we will continue to engage with residents at Pike Close on the ongoing construction works to minimise any disruption, whilst supporting residents through the allocation of the first new homes.

The first phase of construction has now begun
August 2023

We are excited to have started construction on the first new homes, following extensive site enabling works, which began in July 2022. The early works to build the foundations of the first new block (piling) have now been completed; these consisted in drilling holes into the ground, which were then filled with concrete and steel reinforcement to form the base of the new building.

What’s happening?
Countryside have now begun groundworks for the new block; we anticipate these to last approximately 12 weeks. At the end of this month, a tower crane will be erected within the hoarding line to support this construction phase.

This is a significant step towards building the new estate that will improve the quality of life for existing residents and future generations. Completion of the first phase of new homes is expected in early 2025.

As activities pick up on site, we will continue to engage with residents and meet regularly with our new focus group, made of residents and their local Councillors, to ensure everyone on the estate is kept up to date.

Further progress with enabling works in preparation for phase one construction
June 2023

Dycut has now successfully demolished the podium car park; we want to thank residents once again for their cooperation while these works were carried out.

What’s happening?
This month, Countryside is installing the platform for the piling rig used to complete the foundation works for the first new block. Once this has been completed, they will be carrying out further planned works to reroute an underground water pipe.

The laying of the foundations of the first new block is due to start next month; this is an exciting time as it will mark the start of phase one construction which is due to be completed in Winter 2025.

Our new construction focus group
We have set up a new resident focus group, to discuss any concerns related to the ongoing construction works as part of the redevelopment of Pike Close.

This new group will meet regularly with our construction partners, Countryside, the Independent Tenant Advisors, Source Partnership and Riverside. The aim of these meetings is for residents, Riverside and our partners to work together during construction.

Planned works completed this week
April 2023

Our housing and regen teams were at Pike Close this week to support residents while our development partners Countryside carried out some planned works to reroute the existing heating system in preparation for start on site this Summer. We are pleased it all went to plan and want to thank everyone again for your cooperation during this time.

What’s happening?
Countryside is making provisions for a temporary loading bay, to provide a safe area to allow the delivery of building materials, and to reduce the impact of heavy vehicles having to travel through the site for the duration of phase 1 construction. Works have started this month and we anticipate they will be completed in early May.

We apologise for the slow progress of the demolition of the podium car park. Countryside have been busy planning works to divert the existing pipe work and to install the construction pit lane along the boundary of Burnt Ash Lane, which will need to take place before we progress with the main works to the podium car park. We anticipate the podium car park will be fully demolished by the end of May.

Resident handout
You can find some useful information, including the construction timeline, decant and phasing, and the engagement timetable in the handout we distributed while on site this week.

What’s next?
Over the coming months, we will continue to engage with our resident and gather their feedback on some key topics around the redevelopment of Pike Close, such as allocations of the new homes, living costs, and what your home will look like. Monthly drop-in surgeries with the project team, and your Independent Tenant Advisors, Source Partnership, will continue to take place on the estate.

Enabling works continue to progress on the estate
December 2022

Since our last update, we have made further progress with enabling works on the estate, ahead of start on site in the new year.

Internal works at Wells House are progressing well. The construction of the temporary car park behind Lavisham House is taking longer than we originally anticipated; we expect these works to finish in late January. Once this is complete, we will ask those of you parking at Burnt Ash Heights podium and Wells House car park to start using the new space by the agreed date.

In response to resident feedback, Countryside has arranged a temporary pedestrian access point to the main road from Burnt Ash Heights, within the Wells House car park area. This will be in place until Countryside use this space to start construction.

The construction of the temporary car park has now started
October 2022

We are pleased to announce that Countryside has started work to build the temporary car park behind Lavisham House, which will provide parking for Burnt Ash Heights, Wells and Mede House residents for the duration of the construction programme. This follows the approval of our planning application for the redevelopment of the estate by Bromley in March 2022. 

In conjunction with the carpark being built, Countryside will also carry out internal work in Wells House to build the emergency fire exit route, to ensure the block continues to provide two exits during construction.  

What’s next?
Once the car park is complete, we will be able to progress further with the enabling works, which will involve the erection of hoarding in parts of the estate and vacant possession of Burnt Ash Heights podium car park.  

Riverside will continue to keep residents updated about the works as we take a significant step towards building a new estate that will improve the quality of life for existing tenants and future generations. 

Pike Close residents ‘Meet the Builder’
June 2022

Residents at Pike Close attended an event this month to meet with our construction partner, Countryside and ask questions about the upcoming construction works on the estate, and how they will impact them. 

At the event, the project team, including our construction partners Countryside, presented the phased construction plan for the estate to residents. This included a timetable and details of the works, changes to the design made by Bromley Council, and upcoming community engagement activities.  

What’s next?

The construction phasing will begin with enabling works, which will start later this year, and then progress through four phases.  

To ensure the health and safety of our residents and allow construction to start, Countryside will erect hoarding and suspend parking in parts of the estate. To make up for the loss of parking bays, a temporary car park will be built at the back of Lavisham House.  

Riverside will continue to engage with tenants over the coming months as building work gears up.  

Planning application for redevelopment scheme approved
March 2022

Riverside are pleased to announce that the Bromley planning committee voted in favour of the proposal to redevelop Pike Close.

This means the planning application has been approved and Riverside, along with construction partner – Countryside – will be able to proceed with the redevelopment of the estate.

Riverside are now working with Bromley council to finalise the legal agreement, which is linked to the planning permission, before work begins.

What’s next?

Riverside will be in touch over the coming weeks to invite residents to an event to meet developer partners, Countryside, and discuss the construction plan and timetable going forward.