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Our iCommunity is a way for you to give regular feedback through online surveys and for you to put yourself in the running to win great prizes!
For each survey you fill out, you will be entered into a prize draw to win £20 in vouchers. You must be a current Riverside customer to enter.

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Customer feedback is vital to us. It helps us to understand how you, our customers, feel about all aspects of the services we deliver. We gather that feedback in several ways and one key method is online surveys.

One way we do that is through our research partnership with IFF Research. But another is through part of our Customer Involvement and Engagement network – our iCommunity. This network of more than 1,000 customer volunteers, have signed up to take part in digital surveys and to be notified about opportunities to help us to test new digital innovations, playing a key role in shaping our My Riverside app, our Live Chat facility and our Chatbot.

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The iCommunity itself

To check the iCommunity was working well for its members, we carried out a survey about iCommunity itself. 66% of respondents said they were happy with the name iCommunity. We asked how we could encourage greater participation in surveys, gathering a range of suggestions including offering higher value incentives for participation such as tablets and financial incentives. Some said they favoured shorter surveys while others said they should be less frequent. We’ve taken all of the feedback on board and will be sticking with the iCommunity name whilst making a few tweaks to rewards, frequency and style when we look to plan surveys for the coming year.

Our complaints process

With complaints performance a key focus for the organisation, we carried out a survey. Members of iCommunity said their main source of information on our complaints process was our website and Customer Service Centre. However, feedback on the ease of use of the website to find information and log complaints was more negative than positive. Many stressed the need for prompt responses to complaints and we found that members were largely unaware of recent changes implemented by the Housing Ombudsman Service, making it easier for complainants who are dissatisfied to refer cases to them. We’ve taken all of that feedback on board and made a number of changes to complaints processes and our website on the back of this.

Scrutiny panels and accountability

There are a wide variety of ways that customer can hold us accountable. But we were particularly keen to check how well customers understood the scrutiny panels we operate. We found that the majority of members weren’t aware of the panel – an immediate benefit as those taking part are now aware of it. Many expressed an interest in getting involved in the scrutiny process and hearing about scrutiny panel work via email. Overall, customers said they wanted more representation of their views at a national level. This feedback was key to shaping our new Customer Involvement and Engagement Strategy.

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