Have your say, nationally

Involved customers, those who work with us on key national, business-wide issues,  play a vital role.
They provide crucial feedback, knowledge and understanding. They are critical friends and ensure we can incorporate customer
feedback in everything we do. Their dedication and commitment make Riverside better every day.
Check out what they do and find out how to become an involved customer below.

Riverside Customer Voice Executive

Riverside Customer Voice Executive role is to be a “critical friend” – independent but working in partnership with Riverside. It ensures that tenants’ views and concerns are properly heard and taken into account at all levels of the organisation.

Board and committee membership

Our Board and Committees are where our most important decisions are made about how Riverside is run. We have customers as members and observers of these panels to represent customer views at this most senior level. We share what happens in these meetings on our website so that customers can keep informed and hold Riverside to account.

Scrutiny panel

Customer scrutiny panels take an in-depth look into the services Riverside provides. Their aim is to analyse those services and ensure they are doing everything possible to support customers.  Training and support are provided. Read about recent scrutiny exercises and how to get involved by clicking the button below.

Equality, diversity and inclusion panels

We are passionate about putting our people first and we want to ensure that our services meet the diverse needs of all our customers. Our LGBTQ+, Ethnic Minority and Disabled Customer Voice Panels allow customers to share their views and suggest areas for improvement across Riverside to make a real difference. Click the button below to find out more and get involved.

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Complaints panel

Involved customers play a key role in helping us to improve our service to customers who make a formal complaint. The panel review a selection of complaint responses at random and give their feedback and score the quality of the responses. Find out more about how you could help by clicking Read more below.

Customer inspectors

Our trained Customer Inspectors our made up of tenants who go visit and inspect our Care and Support services. By becoming an inspector, it allows customers to have a positive impact on services as well as maybe improving their own skills at the same time. For more information on becoming a customer inspector and the role, click below.

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