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When are programmed repairs in my area?

Our schedule of planned maintenance never stands still because we are continually updating and improving our homes so they meet and even exceed Government standards.

If we have any planned programmed repairs in your area we will notify you in advance to arrange the best time to visit your property. We always try and keep customers up to speed with events and we will arrange the work to fit in with the your plans for things like holidays or shift work patterns.

To undertake any programmed repairs you must provide reasonable access to your home and this is a condition of your tenancy agreement.

What do programmed repairs cover?

We check your kitchens, windows, bathrooms, central heating systems and the outside of your home to make sure everything is ticking over as it should.

Having such work done in your home can be quite stressful, but we spend a lot of time planning how we do this type of work to try to make it as pain free as possible.

One thing to note, however, is that we won’t do programmed repairs in a property if the customer owes us a lot of money in rent arrears, or for rechargeable repairs. The work will be suspended until the debt is cleared or reduced to an acceptable level. We will maintain your home so that it is kept wind and watertight and fit for you to live in.

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You can check what programmed repairs are happening in your area below. The information covers the entire Riverside division. For more details, contact us.

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