A contractor has been to my home

A contractor has been to my home


Our contractor should have arranged a date with you for when the work will begin.

Please clear any personal belongings from the areas where the work will be taking place. This includes clearing out cupboards (when we need access) and removing laminated flooring, furniture and all appliances. Please also remove any ornaments, picture frames, mirrors, clocks and anything else you wouldn’t want to be damaged during the work.

If you need help moving furniture, let us know in advance and our contractor may be able to help. If you need any packing boxes for your belongings, we can provide some for you.

For more specific information on how to get ready for the work to begin, visit the what the work will include section of these pages and select the programme you’re on.

If you need to re-arrange the date the work will begin, make sure you contact the contractor as soon as possible to let them know. They will need at least 24 hours’ notice.

Yes, you will need to be home to let them in.

Our contractor will let you know when they need to access your home and depending on the type of work, they may not need access on every day of the programme.

Don’t let anyone in if they don’t have an ID badge. Our employees and contractors understand this is important and will be happy to show you their ID upon request. Speak to your Customer Liaison Officer or call our Customer Service Centre if you have any concerns.