Supported housing

Single homelessness


To be legally defined as homeless you must either lack a secure place in which you are entitled to live or not reasonably be able to stay in your current accommodation. People become homeless for many reasons.

Single Homeslessness

Those without dependent children are known as ‘single homeless’ and finding suitable accommodation can be particularly difficult for this group of people.

Our services for the single homeless include:

  • accommodation based support in specialist centres
  • support to people in their own accommodation (also known as floating support)
  • outreach services to rough sleepers
  • brokerage services, where our specialist support facilitates successful resettlement into new accommodation and integration into the local community.

Programme of Support

Central to our extremely effective homeless services is our unique Programme of Support service delivery manual. This takes the best practice from across over 100 of our national homelessness services, compiling it into a bespoke programme of one-to-one support for each of our customers. This ensures we deliver the best outcomes and cost effectiveness for each person.


We deliver a range of psycho-social support programmes which include helping people educate themselves on how to manage their addiction and recovery. Much of this involves direct support from others who face addiction and who are in recovery, offering peer-led examples of positive recovery to those who are just embarking on their journey. This then helps people in:

  • building and maintaining motivation
  • coping with urges
  • managing thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • living a balanced life.