Young people and families

We offer a range of housing and support for young people throughout England, including services for teenage parents.

Teenage parents


Teen Parents

Young parents

Appropriate support for young parents is a key way of promoting successful parenting, providing a great start for young children, and reducing further early pregnancies. Our aim is to help young parents make informed choices, recognise their own potential, accept responsibility and exercise control over their lives.

In Riverside services, young people, struggling with the realities of parenthood, are supported to become reliable and positive role models for their children, as well as fulfilling other ambitions and goals.

Through our many years of experience, Riverside has developed a unique Life Skills Training Programme, which provides a range of support delivered to young parents. This moved from understanding healthy relationships and managing pregnancy, through to budgeting/banking, managing resettlement, plus food and nutrition.

We work with agencies such as the police, homeless sections of local authorities, Adult Social Services, health professionals, Barnardos Young Families and various other organisations.

Our services provide in-house training, one-to-one support and tailored support plans, advice about Housing Benefit, housing and other benefits. With dedicated staff there, on hand 24 hours a day.    

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