About Shared Ownership

The new model of Shared Ownership


The Government launched a new model of shared ownership in 2021.

“NM SO” as it is known, applies to all shared ownership homes built under the 21-26 Affordable Homes Programme.

Copies of the model lease can be found here.

What are the key differences between the current or old model and the new model of Shared Ownership?

Product Lease Term First Tranche % sale Staircasing Repairs
Old Model Min 99 years 25-75% 10% tranches Leaseholder has full repairing obligations
New Model Min 990 years 10-75% 1% tranches for first 15 years of ownership Leaseholder able to claim up to £500 per year for the first 10 years


The new model lease allows leaseholders to claim up to £500 per year towards ‘essential repairs’.

Essential repairs include:

  1. the load bearing framework of the building.
  2. the external fabric of the building.
  3. all other structural parts of the building, the roof, foundations, joists, and external walls of the building; and/or
  4. the service media and machinery and plant within (but not exclusively serving) the premises and all parts of the building which are not the responsibility of the leaseholder under the lease or of any other leaseholder under a similar lease of other premises in the building.

For more information on this, visit our specialist page.

Will homeowners under the old lease benefit from this?

No, nothing changes for these customers.