Buy a home

Buy the share you can afford and pay a discounted rent on the rest.

About Shared Ownership


Buy for less with shared ownership

Imagine being able to buy a home of your own after years of renting. It might feel like a pipe dream right now, especially with house prices continuing to rise. But getting onto the property ladder could be easier than you think.

Shared ownership is a well-established route into home ownership. You buy a percentage share in a new home and pay rent on the rest. So if you could afford to buy a 30% share, you’d pay rent on the remaining 70%.

It’s ideal for first-time buyers because you’ll have a smaller mortgage and you won’t have to find a big deposit.

After a year, you have the option to sell your share of the property based on its value at the time of selling.

Why buy using shared ownership?

  • Your monthly costs could be lower than if you rented privately
  • You own part of your home rather than paying rent with no return
  • Your deposit will be lower than if you were buying a home outright as it’s based on the share you’re buying
  • You buy a share that’s affordable to you, so you’re not at risk of stretching yourself financially
  • You might be able to buy up to 100% of your home after your initial purchase – just check before you buy
  • Shared ownership is a government-backed scheme that’s helped thousands of people buy their first home

Am I eligible?
Shared Ownership is a government supported way into home ownership. There are some criteria you’ll have to meet, but you’re likely to qualify if you’re:

  • a first time buyer
  • looking to buy a new home after a relationship breakdown
  • buying a home more suitable for your health needs


  • the monthly costs are less than 45% of your take home income each month
  • your household income is under £80,000 a year.

What type of homes are available?
We have houses, apartments, bungalows and homes specifically for people aged 55 and over, all around the country.

  • Brand new homes

We build and sell new homes. Search our new developments to see what’s available now and coming soon.

  • Resale homes

You can also buy the share of a home from one of our existing shared owners. They’ll usually advertise their share for sale with an estate agent, so keep a look out for shared ownership homes in the area you’re interested in.

How does it work?
Shared owners hold their share of their home through a lease with us, so you’ll become a leaseholder with Riverside. Read our Shared Ownership Buying Guide for all the details:

Need more information?
We’re here to help you through the whole process. Fill in the form on this page if there’s anything else you’d like to ask.