Equality, diversity and inclusion

Gender Pay Gap Report


As Riverside employs more than 250 people we are required by Government regulations to publish an annual gender pay gap report showing the difference in average female earning compared to average male earnings.

We collected the data to inform our Gender Pay Gap Report based on a ‘snapshot date’ of 5th April 2018.  This data will inform our 2019 submission which will be reported to the Government Equalities Office (GEO) by the 4th April 2019.

In accordance with Government Equalities Office guidance, this Gender Pay Gap report relates solely to the legal entity ‘The Riverside Group Ltd’ and does not include data for Irvine Housing Association, Prospect GB Ltd, or Evolve.  Irvine and Prospect fall below the threshold of 250 employees and are not required to publish a Gender Pay Report.

Gender Pay Gap Report