Rent a home

What you need to know about handing in your notice and moving out

Giving notice


If you decide to move then you must give us notice as per your tenancy agreement and ensure you pay your rent for the whole of your contract.

Giving Notice

Are you up to date with your rent payments?

If you’re struggling to make payments, we want to help before things get on top of you. Get in touch and we could help you access benefits and support services, set up a payment plan, borrow or save money, or put you in contact with someone who can help.

Have you carried out all your repairs?

Before you leave your home make sure there are no outstanding repairs that you are responsible for. If any repairs are left outstanding then we will recharge you for the cost of the repairs.

When you give us full notice as per your tenancy agreement we will come and inspect your home and advise on what needs to be repaired by you and what will be repaired by us. For example, changing a door or window lock due to lost keys.

Have you let everyone know you are moving?

Moving house is a busy time. Here are some people you may need to tell that you are moving out:

  • If you receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit let them know about the change.
  • Tell the gas, electric, water and phone companies.
  • Tell us who supplies your gas and electric so we can let the new tenant know.
  • Ask Royal Mail to forward post to your new address (there is a fee for this service).


We offer £100 if you help us to reduce the amount of time your home is empty.

To get £100 you just need to:

  • Give us at least four weeks’ notice before you leave.
  • Make sure your rent account is clear on the day you move.
  • Let us inspect your home and carry out any minor repairs.
  • Allow us to advertise your home as soon as we get your notice.
  • If we need to, let us carry out a viewing with a prospective tenant before you move out.
  • Leave your home clean and tidy inside and out, taking all your belongings and rubbish.
  • Provide us with a forwarding address.
  • Hand all keys, including window lock keys etc. into the office.
  • You can also help us to improve our service by completing an Exit Survey. This will be sent to you with a pre-paid envelope or you can pick one up from your local office.

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