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You can apply for many of our homes on different websites and through local authorities. Find out how and search for the area you want to live in.

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You can apply for many of our homes on different websites and through local authorities.

In some areas this is via a waiting list that you need to register for. The other option is through a local choice based lettings partnership which lets you apply for the homes you’re interested in rather than going on a waiting list. Where possible, we advertise our homes through these lettings partnerships where you can see properties from lots of landlords all in one place.

In some areas, a number of properties are also given to people referred by the local authority. This is called a local authority nomination.

Other Homes

How do I apply for a home?

Search for the area that you want to live in below and follow the instructions for the relevant scheme in that area. The process does involve filling in some forms online so please be ready for that.


We advertise many of our properties through Gloucestershire Homeseeker. This is our Choice Based Lettings system and the way that social housing is let in Gloucestershire.  You’ll need to fill in an online application and then you will be able to apply for homes in any district of Gloucestershire. There are 5 key steps:
  1. Register – complete a New Household Registration Form. Tell me more about registering.
  2. Banding – your application will be made active within 3 to 4 weeks and you will receive either a letter or email confirming what bands you have been placed in. Tell me more about banding.
  3. View Adverts – once you are active you can view available properties.
  4. Bid – place up to 3 bids each week on properties you are interested in.  You must log in to your account to bid. Tell me more about bidding.
  5. Offer – once the bidding cycle closes, the will usually be offered to the applicant who matches the criteria of the advert, who is in the highest band, and who has the earliest application date.  If your bid is successful, you will be contacted by the landlord of the property directly. Tell me more about offers

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