Corporate profile

Warm and safe, decent homes

We will deliver an extensive remediation programme to improve building safety, with targeted investment to increase the energy-efficiency of our customers’ homes, tackling damp and mould and managing our portfolio through a strategic rationalisation plan.

As one of the largest national social landlords, effective management and maintenance of our homes is paramount, but this has perhaps never been more important in the wake of several high-profile events that have highlighted systemic failures to meet basic decency standards.

We know the scale of the challenge is huge, with providers already facing unprecedented costs to remove potentially dangerous cladding from tall buildings at the same time as decarbonising homes. Both areas are significant for us, particularly following our merger which means we now own and/or manage 351 tall buildings (above 11m).

We have responded quickly to identify where cladding might be an issue and are well on the way with a major £170m replacement programme. We are also taking steps to bring as many homes as possible up to a minimum Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of C by 2030, with a dedicated Head of Sustainability in post and comprehensive stock condition survey carried out.

Over the next three years, we will:


Remove potentially dangerous cladding from our tall buildings, complying with all fire and wider safety requirements across all properties.


Be proactive in addressing damp and mould issues, taking concerted action as part of a £12m project.


Bring more homes up to EPC C, continuing to grow capacity and securing funding to accelerate our decarbonisation programme post 2026.


Preserve the long-term viability of our homes, delivering an extensive investment programme and taking a strategic approach to rationalise our portfolio.