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Aids & adaptations


What is an adaptation?

An adaptation is an alteration or additional fitting which can be provided to assist you, or someone within your household to access the basic facilities within their home. This is usually required if you, or someone in your household is disabled or their mobility is impaired. Adaptations are usually split up into two types – Minor Adaptations and Major Adaptations.

Minor Adaptations – these are usually minor and non-complex adjustments or fixtures costing less than £500. These often include Grab Bars, Handrails or Lever Taps. These can be requested directly via our call centre.

Major Adaptations – these are usually major changes to your home, such as a Level Access Shower or Stair Lift, which will cost more than £500. These adaptations would need to be recommended by an Occupational Therapist, employed by your Local Authority.

Aids and Adaptations

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to:

  • Consider every adaptation request that we receive, providing a timely response regarding our decision.
  • Support as many eligible adaptations as we can.
  • Use approved contractors to carry out and maintain all our adaptations.
  • Complete all major adaptations within 6 months of approving the request.
  • Carry out satisfaction surveys to help improve our service.

Our Process/How to Apply

Minor Adaptations – if you would like to request a minor adaptation, please contact our customer service centre on 0345 111 0000. The majority of our minor adaptations are carried out by our in-house contractors. If further investigation into your request is needed, this will be forwarded to an Aids & Adaptations Officer to review. In some instances, we may request you seek an Occupational Therapist report for minor adaptation cases to support your request where we deem this necessary.

Major Adaptations

Step 1 – Contact your Local Authority to request an Occupational Therapy assessment. There can sometimes be a waiting list to access this service.

Step 2 – We will receive your Occupational Therapist’s report, containing any recommendations requested. We will write to you within 10 working days to confirm receipt of this and advise of our decision.

Step 3 – If works are approved, we will liaise with the Local Authority & Occupational Therapist to arrange these works. We will keep you updated with all progress.

Step 4 – You will be informed of the contractor who will be completing your adaptation and be informed of the start date for these works.

Step 5 – After your adaptation has been completed, you will be contacted to complete a satisfaction survey.

Further information

  • Minor Adaptation Requests are usually completed within 15 working days of being approved.
  • Major Adaptation Requests are usually completed within 6 months of being approved.
  • The Government provides funding in the form of a Disabled Facilities Grant for these types of works. We have funding arrangements in place with some Local Authorities, so sometimes Riverside will not carry out the works themselves. This would be communicated to you if applicable.
  • Requests are completed in date order of receipt, unless deemed critical by your Occupational Therapist. This means there is an immediate risk to health and safety. In these instances we will do everything we can to complete these as soon as possible.
  • Our Compliance team will provide the service and maintenance to any mechanical equipment installed in your home if not covered by the Local Authority. This would be relevant for all Stair Lifts, Ceiling Track Hoists and Through Floor Lifts.
  • If we cannot fulfil your adaptation request, we will provide a full explanation in writing and our Housing Team will support you to find a suitable alternative property is necessary.