Find out how to tackle problems with unwanted animal visitors.

Pest control in your home


If you unwanted pests appear in your home, from insects to rodents, we know it can be a real concern.

It’s important that it is dealt with quickly and effectively to prevent the problem from escalating getting worse so it’s vital you report it straight away.

How to report a problem

The easiest way to do that is via our My Riverside app.

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You can also call us on 0345 111 0000.

What you can expect when you report an issue

When you report a problem to us, we’ll arrange to visit you promptly to assess the problem and provide support.

If the issue has been caused by a problem with the design or fabric of the building – for example a hole in the brickwork – this is our responsibility and we will deal with the issue it as quickly as possible and meet all costs.

If the problem has not been caused by the design or fabric of the building, it is your responsibility to resolve. So, whilst we will provide advice, you will need to meet the cost of dealing with the problem. We will let you know the cause of the problem once we’ve come out to assess it. If the infestation is your responsibility, don’t worry, there are a range of ways to get help. Most councils offer a free or low-cost service to help remove pests. Just call or visit your local council website and they may be able to help. There are also a wide range of private companies who provide excellent pest control services.

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