Safety & support

One of the ways we keep you and your home safe is by looking after communal areas.

Safety in communal areas


One of the ways we keep you and your home safe is by looking after communal areas.

How we keep communal areas safe

We check all communal areas and shared facilities such as corridors, stairwells, lounges, kitchens and laundry rooms regularly, to make sure they’re clear and safe for everyone.

We also carry out fire risk assessments and follow up any concerns to reduce the risk of fire as well as managing water hygiene, electrical safety, maintaining equipment such as lifts, and checking for any other health and safety risks.

Wherever fire alarms, fire doors and safety equipment such as emergency lighting are needed in communal areas, we fit them and check them regularly.

When we carry out safety checks, we’ll report any emergency repairs in communal areas, which usually means one of our repairs contractors will visit within 12 hours.

And we’ll also carry out regular visual checks of your front door, if it opens into a communal area, for any repairs needed to the door, frame, closer and fire strips.

These checks are part of your tenancy, lease or licence agreement with us. We may need to access your home to do them, so please let us in when we call.

Our inspections
We’ll place signs on any items that we feel need to be removed so you can clear the area yourself. This includes prams, mobility aids or scooters, bikes or ornaments that could impede your escape route.

If we’re concerned that an item poses an immediate danger, we’ll remove it on the same day.

How you can help keep your building safe

Keep it clear
It’s really important you keep communal areas including stairwells, corridors and entrance hallways, clear of any obstructions. So you can get out quickly and easily in an emergency, and help prevent flames from spreading if a fire breaks out.

Don’t store items in shared areas
Unless we have provided a designated area for storage, no items should be kept in any communal area. This includes rubbish or unwanted goods.

Get our permission for furnishings
Don’t install curtains or blinds, doormats, pictures or decorations unless they have been approved by us in writing, in case they are made of potentially flammable materials or could affect how easy it is to leave the building in an emergency.

Know the evacuation plan for your building
You can find it on signs in shared areas.

Keep fire doors closed and report any damage to us
Never wedge fire doors open or remove door closer devices. Don’t paint over strips or seals, or use nails or screws.

Tell us if your front door needs repairing
It’s designed to slow the spread of smoke and flames if a fire breaks out. Get permission from us before renewing your door, and let us in when we visit to carry out checks.

Be bin aware
Only leave rubbish in designated areas and make sure you extinguish things like cigarettes and matches before you throw them out.