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Gas Safety


Your safety is our top priority. As your landlord, we’re responsible for making sure any gas appliances and pipework in your home are safe and working normally. So, we carry out annual gas safety checks in all of our properties with a gas supply.

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We’ll be in touch at least a month before your check is due to arrange an appointment that is convenient for you. You must let us in to do these checks.

Why is it important?
Appliances that aren’t properly installed, maintained or ventilated can become dangerous and result in accidental exposure to carbon monoxide. Find out more about carbon monoxide.

What’s involved?
We check all the gas appliances in your home that are owned and installed by us. When your check is due, we’ll write to you to book an appointment at least a month from your expiry date.

We also check capped gas supplies and pipework inside the property once a year, so even if you don’t have any gas appliances in your home, you may still get a letter from us.

During the appointment, we’ll check that your gas appliances are set and adjusted so that the gas is burning correctly, and the appliances you have are suitable for the room they’re in. We’ll make sure they’re in good condition, fitted and connected properly to the gas supply, and have a good, permanent air supply to keep them ventilated.

We’ll check any flues, chimneys and other safety devices are working normally.

Do I need to do anything?
Please make sure you’re home when we call. We’re legally required to do this safety check, and you’re legally required to let us in to do it.

Make sure you ask for ID before letting anyone in.
All of our Gas Engineers will have ID with them, so they’ll expect you to ask for it. Their ID will also explain which appliances they’re qualified to work with, so be sure to double check it before you let them in.

How long does it take?
It takes between 60-90 minutes, and after it’s done we’ll provide you with a copy of the safety certificate within 28 days.

If you can’t keep your appointment for any reason, get in touch with us and we’ll rearrange it for a time that suits you.

Why do I need a gas safety check?
It’s part of our legal responsibilities as your landlord to check any appliances we own or have installed in your home, to ensure they’re working properly.

It’s also part of your tenancy agreement that you must allow us access to your home for this check. If you don’t, you’ll be in breach of your tenancy agreement and we may need to take legal action to get access to your home, and you could be liable for any legal fees.

We do these checks every year – your current certificate will have an expiry date on it, which is when your next check is due. We’ll always contact you in advance, before it’s due, to arrange it with you.

Can I install my own gas appliance?
Please get permission from us first. The work must be carried out and the appliance checked every year by a Gas Safe Register™ engineer.

Commitment to quality 
We work with our external auditors, Morgan Lambert Ltd, to make sure any safety work we do in your home meets the highest standard to keep you safe.

Morgan Lambert may contact you after you’ve had your gas safety check to arrange a quality inspection. These inspections help us keep you and your home safe so please let them in when they call, if it’s convenient for you.