Safety & support

As part of our commitment to keeping you and your home safe, we want to work with you to discuss and address any safety matters in your home and your building.

Building Safety


Your safety is our priority

As part of our commitment to keeping you and your home safe, we want to work with you to discuss and address any safety matters in your home and your building. Your input and feedback helps us understand how you feel about the safety of your building, and improve the services we provide for you. It’s one of our legal responsibilities as your landlord.

What is Building Safety?

It’s everything we do to keep your home, your building and the shared spaces in and around it safe. It covers the construction, maintenance and management of your building, including the systems and measures that keep these areas safe.

Our activities ensure our buildings meet our legal obligations for:

  • Fire safety – including fire and evacuation plans
  • Gas, electrical, water and asbestos safety
  • Mechanical equipment such as passenger lifts, automatic doors and gates
  • Shared spaces, including ensuring outdoor areas, communal areas and escape routes are well maintained and clear of obstructions, trip hazards and rubbish.

How we’ll work with you

In addition to the other ways we collaborate with our customers, we’re here to work with you specifically on building safety matters. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Regular meetings with our Building Safety Managers to discuss our management regimes and give you an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Advice and guidance on how you can keep your building and home safe.
  • Regular information and updates throughout your time as a Riverside customer, setting out plans, improvements and changes to your building’s safety regime.
  • Important information about your building, including:
    • Contact details for your Building Safety Manager and Senior Building Safety Inspector.
    • Our fire safety strategy, evacuation plans and , including smoke or heat detectors, fire alarms and emergency lighting, sprinkler systems and where required, any Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans and Person-Centred Fire Risk Assessments.
    • Plans, maintenance schedules, surveys and certificates for gas/heating, electrical and asbestos safety measures, PAT testing, water hygiene, and mechanical equipment.
    • Details and outcomes of building safety inspections (including Fire Risk Assessments) and any actions required, plus any feedback from the Regulator for Building Safety, the local authority and local Fire and Rescue services.
    • Our plans for improvement work and schedules for routine repairs.
    • Any planned changes to building to enhance your occupation.
    • Details on how we’ve addressed any incidents that have occurred or concerns raised.

Building Safety Engagement Strategy

The Building Safety Act 2022 introduces a set of new requirements for the management of building safety in “higher risk buildings”, defined as buildings of 18 metres or more in height or seven or more storeys and containing at least two homes.

One of the requirements is to produce a Building Safety Engagement Strategy for all higher risk buildings. The strategy must contain the following information:

  • what information will be provided to residents
  • what decisions they will be consulted on
  • how residents’ views will be taken into account
  • how the appropriateness of consultation will be measured

Download the Building Safety Engagement Strategy.

Reporting issues

Is it an emergency? Call us immediately on 0345 111 0000. If you’re not sure, find out what we class as an emergency.

For non-emergencies, log into My Riverside. Or report a repair in a communal area here.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any concerns about the safety, improvements or repairs in your building. Contact us or by speaking to your Building Safety Manager/Senior Building Safety Inspector directly.