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Lyreco supporting our GROW programme – George’s story

A difficult childhood, followed by years of addiction, homelessness and mental health problems, 50-year-old George Smith has had his fair share of ups and downs. But after 25 years of living on the edge, George has turned his life around. And, through Riverside’s GROW trainee programme, he’s using his own experience to help others. This is George’s story.

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Lyreco supporting our GROW programme – Eleanor’s story

Lyreco have been amazing in supporting the Street Engagement Hub by using their social value commitment to employ George. Without this commitment George would not have a job and the Street Engagement Hub would not have capacity to see so many vulnerable people, as there would not have been enough staff to cope with the demand.

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Working together to improve safeguarding and creating safer organisational cultures

In 2021 a small number of organisations decided to come together to look at how, as housing providers, we collaborate with customers on safeguarding related matters from a strategic and operational viewpoint. Over several months we reviewed each other’s policies, procedures, organisational structures, and processes. Each learning about areas where we could improve but, overall,

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