Find out more about your lease with Riverside and information about insurance.

Your lease and insurance


Your lease is the legally binding document which sets out the relationship we have with each other. Each lease is different so you must always refer to your own lease for details specific to your home.

Your solicitor will have provided you with a copy of your lease when you bought your home, and you should always keep it in a safe place.

You can order a copy of your lease online from Land Registry if you don’t have yours to hand.

If you ask us for a copy, an additional administration fee will be payable.

Generally speaking, under the lease Riverside:

  • provides building insurance for schemes through our block policy
  • arranges and manages communal services you may receive, such as window cleaning or gardening
  • is responsible for arranging repairs in communal areas and carrying out scheduled ‘cyclical’ repairs and renewals
  • manages the service charge funds we collect from customers to pay for the services provided
  • collects a management fee as part of the service charge, to cover our costs of managing any services

Lease Extensions & Enfranchisement

For details about extending the term of your property’s lease (to add more years), or enfranchisement if you live in a house, read our Lease Extension & Enfranchisement Information for Leaseholders.

Buildings insurance

We arrange buildings insurance cover as part of The Riverside Group’s block policy. Leaseholders contribute towards the cost of insurance through their service charge.

To make a claim or discuss the process for arranging repairs covered by the policy, please contact the insurer directly on 0161 274 9077.

You can download a copy of the current Buildings Insurance policy summary, for more details.

Contents insurance

While we are responsible for insuring the structure of the building you live in, we don’t insure leaseholders’ or customers’ furniture or personal belongings – that’s your responsibility.

It’s important that you think about home contents insurance via an independent insurer.

Read more about insurance here.


Shared ownership homes cannot be sub-let.

Other homes cannot be sub-let unless the lease states that it is allowed, and often you will also need permission from us to sub-let a property.

Always refer to your lease to check the terms and conditions, your obligations and our responsibilities.

Our website should also answer many general questions you may have but if you need more help, please contact us.